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Software Testing Tools

IeUnit 2.3.240
A simple test  framework to test logical behaviors of web sites. IeUnit helps software engineers to create, organize and execute functional unit tests for web applications. More details about the software is provided on the IeUnit homepage.

IeUnit 2.1.238
The same as IeUnit version 2.3.240, but this release runs under the .Net framework version 1.1, whereas the version 2.3.240 runs under  the .Net version 2.0.

A simple unit test framework for C# applications. It provides similar functionalities as NUnit and NUnitForms combined, but it is much easier to use. To use this module, just add the AppTest.dll  assembly as reference to a C# project.  Document is not yet available. See the sub-project QuickFocus of IeUnit or for sample code.
The source code of IeUnit. This package is intended to simplify debugging QuickFocs and Win32Dom. To reduce its size, some documentation code has been removed from original source tree. The complete source can be found at IeUnit Source.

A extensive list of resources for software testing.

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